Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Welcome to Soft & Pretty , my name is Sonja and for over thirty years I have been making (and sharing techniques for) porcelain and cloth dolls, mohair bears and textile handcrafts through classes and commissions.  Having relocated to Melbourne from Cobram where my  teaching studio was established, I find I no longer have the display or storage facilities I was accustomed to and am having a big " rationalization", and for you that means great bargains.

I'll be sharing with you many of my award winning quality modern and antique reproduction porcelain dolls, handmade mohair bears, cloth dolls , handcrafts, dollmaking, bearmaking and dressmaking supplies. Today you can meet the 9" sleeping baby in hand-knitted layette and the beautiful K*R 126 baby also in beautiful hand-knitted dress and bonnet.

If you are looking for something specific that you have associated with Soft & Pretty in the past just contact me , it may be available through the blog even though the studio is closed.

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